We've collected the most common questions we get asked and placed them here in hopes it can answer any question you may have. We always like to add to the page so if you have any others, please don't hesitate to ask them on twitter, facebook, email or instagram.

Do you post calls or are there discussion groups?

We actually do both. We have separate sections for discussion in all market corners ( Crypto, Margin, Stocks, FX and Equities, Options, ...). They also each have their relative posting sections where Admins post their trades.

I work a lot every day and I don't have enough time to read through walls text and catch up. Do you post trade setups?

We always post our trades and there are several a day. There's always a market somewhere that allows for good trades and we're very active in that regard. We'll post where we enter, stop, take profit the chart and even a reason analysis if it goes beyond the scope of the chart.

Are you active in all timezones?

We are most active in the EST timezone as well as CET but our admins are passionate and available so there might be a few periods in the day where it's quieter but we're available for the better part of the day.

Signals are nice and all but I want to learn how to trade on my own. Is this something you offer?

An emphatic YES! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing one of our traders go from neophyte to killing it in the market. To that end, we offer Mindset Education, Live Trading Sessions, Concept Seminars and Educational Material and Tools to name a few. One of the core concepts of the Dojo is :

We're always willing to give a fish but would rather show you how...