When I stepped into the Dojo, I was feeling pretty beaten and questionning my skills as a trader. Once I got over my initial fear and asked questions, you guys pounced on the opportunity to teach. The way you, Stillman, Chris, Carti and Xavi have taught has made it easy to learn and I'm thick headed, trust me.

I'm finally going from a BE trader to making a profit. Not from bullsh** signals but by reading in interpreting charts on my own. I've been doing this for 3 years with limited success, but those days are over brother.

My mind is right and my skills are improving. I'm willing and ready to exploit any market anywhere at any time. Thank You DOJO Fam!


No bullsh**, joining the Dojo was one of the best things I've done. Most knowledgeable people I've come accross regarding trading. they want you to make money. Stop hesitating and join.


KJ, I just wanted to thank you and the team for working tirelessly on helping me make more than I thought I could.

Being there to answer questions and keeping us aware of interesting plays, especially in multiple asset classes, helps me to refine my skills. The Dojo's format makes it easy to keep track even when I've been too busy at work to keep up with things on my own radar.

I already feel more confident when I enter a trade. I used to let losers continue on losing because I believed it would reverse when I'd sell it. Now I recognize the signs of bearish movement more than a classic bear flag.


Jake, just wanted to share a few words with you.

I've been in the dojo basically from the beginning and I've stayed in here for a few reasons: 1) we've met and I saw how genuine of a person you are, I'm pretty good at judging character 2) you and the dojo team have evolved so much it's crazy - it's a transcendence, not just curating new skills or improving old ones, it's like a pokemon evolving into the 3rd evolution 3) the value in this group isn't solely focused on the profits we make, the value now is MUCH MORE than that.

I appreciate everything and know I'll always be #dojoforever


Just after almost completing my second month, I am looking at the trading world in a completely different way. The evolution that I have been through came with the incredible support of the leadership group, the technical knowledge that the DOJO as a whole posseses, the challenges you are inspired to take and the people.

The support that the admins provide is unparallel. Ever since the beginning, each and every one of them have shown a genuine interest in me, not only as a student but also as a person. Day in and day out, they respond to every single question that you might have. No matter how basic you think a question is, every question is embraced as a path to development. Even with their immense expertise, they don’t look down on anybody and that makes your personal goals so much more attainable. The level of technical knowledge is at its peak and constantly expanding. The leaders are always looking to develop new approaches and tools and that provides an everlasting sense of learning to everyone involved. The amount of valuable insights that everyone brings is incredible. I did not know anything when I joined, I mean anything. But I was able to feed off of so many things from so many different people, from big picture analysis to the most crutial details of chart. Two months ago, I would not be able to imagine what I know now.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to be challenged. And you are purposefully challenged frequently in DOJO to be the best trader you can be. You should be able to trade by yourself, that is the mindset. And that speaks volumes to the confidence this team has in their structure. All the other “paid groups” would like you to be dependent on them. It is not the case in DOJO, I believe this is more like an academy. Finally, the people you meet here are fantastic. I find myself laughing looking at a screen sometimes. In this day and age where meeting people with similar mindsets are so difficult, it is a great place to be. Nobody is afraid to share their mistakes and understanding that you are not the only one who did something stupid, accelerates your learning a lot.

It is a unique place with unique minds aiming to improve you constantly. If you are willing learn, I wouldn’t doubt joining, not a single second. I cannot imagine a better trading envoirement then DOJO.

El Jefe

I've tried out numerous paid groups, but the Dojo is the best I've been in by a long shot. KJ, Chris, Carti, Stillman, and Xavi are all professional traders with a very considerable amount of experience and knowledge to share. The amount of time and effort they put into teaching their members and supplying them with setups across all markets is astounding.

As a dojo member, expect to learn technical, fundamental, and sentiment analysis, in addition to trading psychology to improve your own bad trading habits and behaviors.

Overall, they are great mentors, and it is not hard to obtain enough value from the Dojo to justify the cost.